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Jackie and Neal Nesting via HTML


To my fellow liberty-lovers

Posted by Jackie

Pro-liberty arguments are strong enough to stand on their own without sinking to hateful or eliminationist rhetoric. Our principles are sound, our ideas are better, and we have history and economics on our side. So let's all take a deep breath, calm down, and proceed with temperance, maturity, and intellectual honesty.

"Our democracy is a light -- a beacon, really -- around the world because we effect change at the ballot box and not because of these outbursts of violence..."
-- Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, March 25, 2010

Pro-liberty arguments are strong enough to stand on their own without sinking to hateful or eliminationist rhetoric. Our principles are sound, our ideas are better, and we have history and economics on our side. So let's all take a deep breath, calm down, and proceed with temperance, maturity, and intellectual honesty.
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The amazing shrinking Jacqueline

Posted by Jackie

Update: I've now lost over 30 pounds since I began taking Celexa in April. I'm now borderline underweight (119slbs at 5'6"). Is it possible to accidentally become anorexic? I'm not trying to starve myself, I just don't have an appetite anymore, so I forget to eat. And even when I force myself to eat more than is enjoyable or comfortable, I still lose weight.

I fell off the exercise wagon July 4th weekend. Crashed after my calculus 1 final and never really recovered. I spent July and August suffering from frequent bouts of hypersomnia, sometimes sleeping for literally days at a time. The doctors never did figure out what was wrong (I had my blood tested for all the usual suspects). Speculative causes include treatment-resistant depression, dehydration-exacerbated medication interactions overloading my kidneys, fibromyalgia, burnout... I'm still not completely recovered, but September has had more good days than bad ones, so I'm hopeful.

(Meanwhile, sleeping all the time, missing class, and not studying led to a D in Calculus 2. Better than the F I got the first time, but still unacceptable. Third time's the charm? We'll see. I am determined to beat my brain against it until it surrenders, even if it takes years.)

Although I weigh less now (119 lbs) than I did the last time I was thin (125 lbs, senior year of college), I still look/feel fatter than I did then. The difference is probably body fat percentage. Back then I used to go to the gym almost every day after class, but other than the occasional 1- or 2-month-long bouts of frenzied activity, I've been pretty sedentary for the past 5 years. 119 lbs of "skinny-fat" body just isn't as dense as 125 lbs of toned body.

I know that if I started weightlifting again I'd probably gain 5-to-10 pounds yet be the same size or smaller. I just need to get motivated...

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Fall semester has started

Posted by Neal

We are about a month  into the fall semester and I'm hitting my first batch of mid-terms.  So far I've taken two and they both seemed relatively straight forward.  This week I have three exams, one research project, and a paper due.  Not including random homework.

My courses this semester are:  Intermediate Finance, International Finance, Capital Markets, Investments, Operations Management, Accounting: Financial Reporting

"if anyone knows how to wrap text around an image using Word Press please let me know"
Update: solved, thanks Tim and Jens

I'm now tutoring for UNLV in all of the finance courses, statistics, some economics, and lower level accounting courses.  Basically they call me if anyone needs tutoring in the business school for quantitative subjects.  I actually had to fill out a W-9 which I hadn't done in quite some time.

My days are spent in class, and my evenings (usually until 10pm-midnight) are at the school library amongst other finance majors.  I'm really staying focused this semester and it helps that I'm finally done with most of the survey courses that all business programs require.

I'm also losing weight (which I needed to do).  I'm currently down fourteen pounds since the beginning of the semester.  Not only have I neglected food, the poor doggies haven't been going on four walks a day and the house is a mess.  I'm hoping to remedy some of that this weekend.

Other topics:

Master Chef (the show)  I really wanted to like this show, but I just don't.  I don't know if I'll watch the second season.

Social life:  I've made at least four new friends at school this semester, and I made five this summer.  I'm finally enjoying school and I'm even going to the home football games.  They are a blast.

I had two friends come each of the last two weeks.  Jeff and his wife Natalie come to visit multiple times a year.  This time I only got to hang out with them one night and we went to a Collective Soul (their favorite band) concert at the Hard Rock pool.  Fun times were had.

Last weekend my friend Mike, a colonel in the army, was on leave and him and his wife visited.  They've been making it out here once or twice a year for the last few years and it's always a blast when they visit.  We went to a nightclub at MGM, then a lounge and then  finished up at an English pub.

We have done a ton of renovations to our house including new closets, new pantry, and a lot of painting.  Some projects are still in process and our house is a mess partly from the projects, but mainly because both Jackie and I are extremely busy.

Ok I've gone on too long and I apologize for any errors in my writing.  I'm not going to edit this because I'm writing it on a netbook at the library.  (we turned off our home internet to keep us both from wasting time surfing the internet)

I'll try to update more often in the future.

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Happy Anniversary!

Posted by Jackie

Neal and I have been married 3 years today! It still boggles my mind how random it was that we ever found each other, yet how perfect we are for each other.

I love him more and more as time goes on.

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The “I don’t know what to choose for u, so I can’t integrate” blues

Posted by Jackie

Music by Reilly & Maloney. Lyrics by my diseased, sleep-deprived, calculus-addled brain.

Well it’s not that I want to live my life not knowing how to integrate
It’s just that sometimes integrals are hard to evaluate
Integration by parts should be a good start, so I’m looking for all the clues
I got the “I don’t know what to choose for u, so I can’t integrate” blues

Don’t think that I’m the studious type, I ain’t one of them girls
How is it, then, that calculus became the center of my world?
Pick u and dv, find du and v, but it gets me sort of all confused
I got the “I don’t know what to choose for u, so I can’t integrate” blues

I don’t have time to eat
I don’t have time to sleep
I spend all night integrating away
Oh, I wish you could explain!

It’s not that I expect it’s easy but I’m unhappy when it takes all night
It’s just that those pesky homework assignments often put up a really big fight
Sometimes I want to take those math brain cells and just drown ‘em with a lot of booze
I got the “I don’t know what to choose for u, so I can’t integrate” blues

Inverse? Polynomial?
Trigonometric? Oh, hell!

It’s not that I think that it’s gonna be the last class to ever give me grief
There’s going to be more, I know it for sure, but tonight I need some relief
So just for now could I use Wolfram Alpha and maybe I could manage to lose
The “I don’t know what to choose for u, so I can’t integrate – I just can’t integrate – ooooooo, I can’t integrate” blues


This. This is why I take drugs. Once the refrain popped into my head, my brain wouldn't let me sleep, study, work, or do anything else productive until I wrote the rest of the lyrics.

OK brain, we did your thing -- now you're gonna shut up, do your calculus homework, and LIKE IT.

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Being happy

Posted by Neal

If you are happy what is your secret?  What makes you happy?  If you are unhappy, then why and what will make you happier?  Basically what level of needs are you at?  My general state is to be content.  I don't have a very high variation between happy and sad, but I am a glass half full kind of person.  What about you?

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My calculus final exam is tomorrow morning and I think end-of-semester madness has set in…

Posted by Jackie

Alright, stop!
Integrate and listen!
Bachman's back with a brand new invention!
Gonna grab a hold of "chalk" tightly
Write on the whiteboard, daily and nightly
Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know
My stack of notes -- it just grows
To the extreme, I rock rectilinear
No time to eat & just getting skinnier
Exam! Feel the impending doom?
It's killing my brain like a poisonous mushroom
Tilting between sadness and rhapsody
Anything less than my best is a felony
Don't forget how to differentiate
You better sketch curves that point the right way
Calculus problems? Yo, I'll solve 'em!
Check my textbook then I'm gonna resolve it
Calc, calc baby...

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Meanwhile, I’ve lost 20 pounds

Posted by Jackie

I've dropped 20 pounds since I started taking Celexa 3 months ago. Usually Celexa makes people gain weight, but in my case, I'd been self-medicating my anxiety and depression with emotional eating/overeating and beer. So once I stopped doing that the pounds quickly dropped off. The last 5-10 came off this month as I began exercising and subsisting off a steady diet of calculus problems, Adderall, and stress. :)

If Neal's goal is to look like Hugh Jackman in time for the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2, then I suppose my goal should be to look good in skintight black leather, right? Because I already have a similar cut and color as Jean Gray in X-Men 2. Then Neal and I can go home after the movie premiere and act out all those naughty fanfiction stories. ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to add some strength-training exercises to my workout. Not sure yet if I want to follow the Sexy Female Training program or just use the machines in the gym or what. I'm not very comfortable using the free weights area of the UNLV gym because it's always full of intimidatingly fit 20-year-old guys and I doubt that they'd appreciate a fat older woman getting in their way.

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I can’t gain any weight

Posted by Neal

So the lifting plan I was on had me taking in a lot of calories (~3500-4k per day)  when I'm lifting.  I haven't lifted in a week so I intended to cut my calories down and I failed miserably at that.  I had not weighed myself for at least a week until today.  Today I went to check my weight and I figured I had put on about ten pounds in three months since I started this program and the scale says I actually lost two pounds.  I'm supposed to start the cutting phase of the program at about three months in but I don't see the point if I never gained any weight.

At least I know that my metabolism is through the roof right now.  I am eating all the time.  I'm guessing at least six meals a day and I am generally following the eating guidelines I made in the previous post but I am drinking a lot of skim milk for calories.  I do have cheat days on the weekends where I eat whatever I want as long as it fits in about the same amount of calories.

Ideally I want to be at about 210 pounds and 12% body fat.  I am probably in the 22% body fat range now and at 205 pounds.  (I need to go get this tested)  I think this will take at least a year of continuous lifting.  My rotator cuff is feeling better, and my knees feel great.  I went to the doctor for a three week ear infection that won't go away and they've got me on a bunch of garbage.  I plan on hitting the gym this Saturday for weights and Sunday for cardio.

My ultimate goal is to pass for Wolverine on Marvel movie nights.  I'd like to be able to pull that off, kind of a bigger version of Hugh Jackman.

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Busy week (trip report)

Posted by Neal

I've been too busy to post for the last week. Most of my time has been spent researching grad schools and physically being at school. I ordered a few books to study the GMAT and I'd like to take it in December. I already know I'm going to do horrible on the verbal section so I'm going to focus a lot on that. I've never actually studied for a test. (I took the SAT after staying up all night at a friends house and never cared enough to study) I've always done pretty well at most tests without any study, but I assume I will need to do something for this one if I want a decent score.

Thursday night I stopped by the Freakin Frog to have a beer with the Beer and Blog group while game seven of the NBA finals was on.  I had a good time and it was good to see a group that I haven't seen in a while.  My friends Jeff and Reef have been in town so we went to Ditch Friday at the Palms pool on Friday and then out to play poker at the Aria casino that night. On Saturday we went to the Flamingo pool and back to Aria for poker. Zach and Brian came along and luckily we didn't ruin Zach's pool party.

Friday night I saw a lot of good friends that I hadn't seen in a while at Aria and it made me really happy. The World Series of Poker is going on now so a lot of players are in town and I got to meet up with quite a few of my friends. The Aria poker room is great. The games are soft, the poker room is right beside the garage, and the games are soft... wait I said that already. My only complaint is that the waiting list can be a bit long on the weekends, but that is to be expected. Next time I go I will be sure to call ahead to get myself on the waiting list.

I had to take a week off from lifting weights because my right shoulder is screwed up from moving furniture incorrectly one day. (I one-hand overhead carried a bookcase because I was irritated) It felt fine until the next day and I knew I did something wrong. Everything I've read online about shoulders says don't push through it and give it some time off or you will regret it. So I'm going to take it slow. My plan right now is to do the stepmill until my shoulder is back to feeling good.

We went grocery shopping and I got my meals for the week. I am currently planning on eating the following meal breakdown:

  • Time Food
  • 0830 Eggs + Peppers
  • 1130 Bean and Cheese Burrito
  • 1500 Steak/Fish + Sweet Potato
  • 1930 Salad
  • 2130 Whey + Skim Milk
  • 2359 Cottage Cheese + Peanut Butter

This equals out to about 2500-3k calories a day. This is a bit low but since I am not lifting I don't want to overdo it. When I'm lifting I try to get in 3k-3500 calories a day for maintenance. I plan to drink 16oz of water with each meal. Typically my meals have looked like this during the weekdays for the last month and it has done well. I have not lost any weight (not my goal) but I have lost about two inches off of my waistline and actually gained three pounds . I was drinking half a gallon of skim milk along with this when I am lifting.

Well that was a longer than usual post so here are the cliff notes:

  1. I was busy last week
  2. ...am looking at grad schools and gmat prep
  3. ...hung out with friends at the pool all weekend and played poker
  4. ...shoulder hurt, doing stepmill instead of weights for 1-2 weeks
  5. ...we went grocery shopping, I planned meals
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